Black and White and an Announcement


Throughout the last year on my blog I have started to notice a little trend. Every couple of months I end up sharing a classic piece of clothing with some variety of black and white striped. It all started with a shift dress, then went to a varsity sweater, and then I shared a blossom skirt. If you can't tell from those posts I love a good classic black and white piece with a pop of color of metallic. Well today is no different. Oh PS... this is not the announcement. You have to keep scrolling for that little nugget!

When I saw this preppy feeling layered top I was in love. My favorite part about it is that the layering is done for me. The sweater has the cuffs, collar, and shirt tails attached so I don't have to layer a button up under a sweater. I love this layered look but I feel so suffocated and constricted every time I have to layer a button up under a tight sweater. So now that you know how much I love this element of the top - let me tell you my thoughts behind the outfit. The top is very long and fitted, so I decided to pair it with a pair of leggings to not add any bulk. I threw on a pair of black booties to keep with the color scheme. To create some dimension and texture in the outfit I threw on my metallic braided necklace for a final tie in.

Top: Brass Button Clothing
Leggings: Costco
Booties: Francesca's
Necklace: Target

The top, you guys, is to die for. I will never regret adding this top to my closet. And I don't think I am alone in this because Brass Button Clothing has had to stock and restock this top multiple times. It is a fan favorite.

And now I am excited to share an announcement about another thing that I love! You have seen a lot of renditions of team styling posts on Deidre Emme - the reason behind that is because those posts were the entire reason I started style posts all those years ago. I loved seeing a group of women - all different sizes and closets - style an outfit around one inspiration. Last year I added a monthly collaboration with four lovely ladies where we all styled the same item. I also added a monthly collaboration that was started by Brooke from Silver Lining where all the ladies styled one outfit inspired by another style blogger we all admire. Well here comes the big announcement. My good friend Brooke just found out she is pregnant with twins, which means she doesn't have the time she used to with this collaboration and she asked me to take it over! So starting this month I not only get to participate in the monthly How We Wore It post, I am now the new host of it! I was so honored when Brooke emailed me because I know she cares a lot about the collaboration and I have always been so impressed with how she ran it. So the fact that she is now trusting me with her How We Wore It baby means the world. And I cannot wait to get started. So if you want to join in on How We Wore It sign up! I would love to have you be a part of it. The How We Wore It series will post the first Wednesday of every month and you will get to see about 25 different women share their looks inspired by another amazing style blogger. Looking forward to hosting and looking forward to having you join in on How We Wore It.
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