Weekday Wardrobe


Well... this one was supposed to go live last week. Whoops! But it is a good thing it didn't because this week has been fail city as far as taking my early morning outfit pictures. Partially because I was on vacation and partially because I had just gotten back from vacation. Does anyone else have the hardest time getting up the two or three days following a trip? Morning are already hard enough... but this whole not having to wake up early for 5 days and then going back to work thing is not working very well for me. I am getting back on track though. I promise.

Monday | Dress: Agnes & Dora | Heels: Dillards
Tuesday | Top: Agnes & Dora | Pants: Target | Heels: Cousin Couture
Wednesday | Dress: Agnes & Dora | Flats: Target
Thursday | Top: Agnes & Dora | Pants: SexyModest | Sandals: Zappos
Friday | Top: Cotton On | Leggings: Gap | Sandals: Target

As you can see the whole week was full of Agnes and Dora. My newest clothing OBSESSION! Like... beyond obsession actually. Next week you will be seeing the most beautiful maxi dress from them too. There is a tie for my favorite outfits from last week - Monday and Tuesday. Both of them got a ton of love at work too. The dress is so perfect and has pockets. The top and jeans was comfy and trendy. Which outfit would you want in your closet?
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