Three Years Married


Yesterday we celebrated our third year of marriage. Crazy to think that we are three years in - and even crazier when you think about we have only lived together for about half of that. I think that is one reason why it doesn't feel like we have been married that long... That reason combined with I really am so much happier with Adam makes these last three years seem like three minutes. I am SO lucky to have Adam as my best friend and my husband. And I will spare you the mushy post for now... but know that I couldn't have found a more perfect man for me. And now keeping up with traditions I am going to share our third year by the numbers.

During our third year of marriage...

1 brand new home purchase
0 children
1 puppy
132 days apart
2 new jobs for Deidre
1 baseball card for Adam
45 innings pitched
1 allstar team for Adam
4 trips to see Adam - one in AZ, three in AL
1 move to Idaho
155 baseball games
4 trips and vacations
44 strikeouts for Adam
2,228 miles between us during baseball season
dozens of date nights
hundreds of selfies
thousands of minutes texting, FaceTiming, and talking
millions of memories and laughs

You can catch our first year in number and our second year in numbers too. Can't wait to see what year four brings us. I have a gut feeling it is going to be a big one in the Miller home.
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