Weekday Wardrobe


I can honestly say I am ready for this week to be done. My sleeping pattern got out of whack and I felt sick every single day. I blame Easter for both of those items. My sleep got crazy because I stayed up late spending time with friends and family in my hometown, which I loved. But right now my body is like, no thanks. And then I feel sick every day because of Easter candy. I have a serious sugar addiction... it is bad. And embarrassing to admit. But all my candy is gone now and I can get back on track. Those two things plus my mental break down about blogging and time away from my husband, yeah... this week can be done. Let's take it to the wardrobe!

Monday | Top: Little Black Fashion Truck | Pants: SexyModest | Heels: DSW
Tuesday | Sweater: Lucy & Lyla | Top: SexyModest (best undershirts!) | Pants: Gap | Heels: TJ Maxx
Wednesday | Chambray: Lucy & Lyla | Dress: Pink Blush | Belt: Little Black Fashion Truck | Heels: DSW
Thursday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Gap | Heels: Famous Footwear
Friday | Top: Pink Blush | Jeans: Gap | Heels: DSW

My favorite outfit would have to be Wednesday. It was fun to put together something a little different with the chambray and maxi dress. Yep, I said dress - but I wanted to play it up some for work. And of course, my most FAVE top of all time on Thursday. If you are in the market for a summer shirt you will want to get that blue diddy with the lace. I could live in it. So comfy and lightweight. Which outfit is your fave? That wraps up my week and I am looking to the weekend! Tomorrow I get to spend the day with about 20 of Idaho's finest women, their mother's, their directors, and the state board at Miss Idaho Orientation. This will be my 7th Miss Idaho Orientation - yes, I count last year even though I was Skyped in - and I look forward to it every year. But I must admit, it is much more fun when I am not turning in paperwork and only eating chicken and veggies leading up to it. Then Sunday it is back to a more regular schedule. How did you week go? Do you have any great plans set up for the weekend?
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