Weekday Wardrobe


This week has been a good one! I started out the week in Arizona and then came back to a Spring Break building at work - which means I am basically the only one here so I can just work the day away getting events ready and getting ahead for the next busy months. But of course, that doesn't keep me from keeping you in the loop about my weekday wardrobe. Because I love sharing how I put together outfits on the day to day. It looks like this is the week of black pants. All day. Err day.

Monday | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Gap | Heels: Forever Young
Tuesday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Top: Pink Blush | Leggings: PinkBlush | Shoes: Payless
Wednesday | Cardigan: Target | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Pink Blush | Flats: Forever Young
Thursday | Top: Cotton On | Pants: Pink Blush |Watch: Arvo | Heels: DSW
Friday | Top: To Adorn | Jeans: Gap | Flats: TJMaxx

Maybe you caught it, and maybe you didn't - but today's weekday wardrobe looks like any old week even though I have been in a different state. That is because I am one week behind on outfits. This is strictly so I don't lose my mind and my wits rushing to get Friday's outfit added in. And ya know, I figured outfits are outfits and could be traded out between weeks. So why not get ahead on my blog posts. Right? Either way - which is your favorite outfit from this week? Mine is probably Monday's ensemble.
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