Bachelor Season 19: Episode 9


This whole thing is winding down you guys. In fact, we are down to two girls and tonight is the Women Tell All - which should be extra special because of Kelsey, Kardashley, and Britt. I can't wait. But just in case you are all sort of behind. Get caught up on when he went down to three and today I will share the recap of when he went down to just two. Let's dive right in, just like I am sure they do in the fantasy suites.
Three dates. Three women. Three highly questionable moments when the blinds are closed and the cameras aren’t invited in.
First up is Kaitlyn. I feel like she is in love but like doesn’t totally get it. She treats it like some sort of word vomit, “It’s coming… it’s coming… hold it back, get it out? I don’t know!” Their date is just a bunch of monkeying around. Seriously though. So many monkeys. One pees on Chris and the rest make Kaitlyn freak out. There dinner and fantasy suite recap is a bore fest for me. Cliché and traditional. Not much to add in other than, of course they head up and close the blinds.
Next is Whit. “I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat!” All the boat dates are clones. Ride on a boat. Jump in the water. Kiss. Explore the town. Yadayadayada. You get the jist. The dinner is where all the hype comes in. Because Chris realizes that Whit has a real job that she has worked real hard for. Which means she might not be okay with small town USA. But she comes back with a stellar response, that her dream job is to be a mother. I still think if she wins she will commute at least once a week to be a fertility nurse. Calling it now.
Last up is Miss Becca. Aka. My fave. Why is she the prettiest Bachelor version of Carrie Underwood? Too perfect. I honestly don’t remember any of their date because I was just waiting to see all the drama of her virgin announcement. Wait I take it back.... I remember that some guru guy keeps telling them they need to make love. It all ties in to her virginity and how awkward she feels.  Which she doesn’t even offer up before going into the fantasy suite. She waits until they are in the room and Chris thinks he is getting lucky. But his response is so gentlemanly and I appreciate it. Oh there is also that part where she is the only honest one that says she wouldn’t move to Arlington right away just because – that she needed it to be really real. Chris seemed to not love that.
Rose ceremony time. No kissing. No hugging. It is being held in a sacred ground. Kaitlyn looks the best of the best, loved everything about how she was styled for the event. But before anything can happen Chris needs to talk to Becca, clearly he did not love her lack of commitment. While he is talking to Becca about love and choices and blah blah blah the girls are back at the sacred land talking about how Becca was going home and it is so nice he didn’t make her wait through the whole ceremony.
Chris walks back and SURPRISE Becca is with him. And instantly both ladies are like, well one of us is heading home. And I am pretty sure everyone knew who it was. But we still let it all play out. Whit gets the rose. Becca gets the rose. Kaitlyn is going home. Which, I am not totally mad about. I love her but I will love her more when she is the Bachelorette – she will for sure be hilarious and draw in the best guys. I really hope those rumors are true.
And that is where we are. Becca and Whitney are left with a drama mama - I say mama because I think Chris’ mother makes Becca cry? Did anyone else see that part? – preview of the season finale. But before that we have the women tell all. So tonight we get the catty and the crying. And I am most excited to see how Britt handles Carly + how Kelsey and Kardashley get along. Also, let’s just firm up that Kaitlyn is Bachelorette because I really cannot wait. What are you looking forward to most for The Women Tell All?
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