Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 45.


"I've always loved fashion but didn't think that I could be fashionable. I thought that was for tall & skinny girls with lots of money to blow at nice department stores and boutiques. I'm a short, average sized girl on a pretty tight budget so why bother, right?
My fashion turn around actually happened after I gave birth to my first child when I was 22. I was feeling all kinds of frumpy, sleep deprived, and was starting to sink into a little bit of depression. I couldn't feel my full worth because I felt unattractive and inadequate at the new task of being a mom. I decided to do something about it and worked hard to get my body back to where it was. I gained so much confidence during this process and dropped 60 lbs from my heaviest weight during my pregnancy (which includes the expulsion of a baby... so not as impressive as it may sound). I rewarded myself for my progress by building up a wardrobe in my new size, all on a pretty strict budget of course. I learned that you actually don't have to have loads of cash to look cute! It was such a revelation for me.
I'm still learning how to dress my body type, because it's changing all the time right now. I'm pregnant with baby #2 and testing the waters of pregnancy fashion! And I'm not one of those girls who is fortunate enough to only show in their belly... I have the thighs, hips, booty, and chest to go right along with it. Embracing my new curves is hard at times, but I'm learning that you can honestly look good no matter what stage your body is in. Finding what's flattering to your shape when you're pregnant requires a lot of time in the dressing room, and in my case endless online shopping returns because ain't nobody got time for dressing rooms with a 2-year-old. My pregnancy staples are definitely a good pair of maternity jeans, as well as maternity leggings (Old Navy has some for $14 that are THE BEST). I also love longer tunics that aren't necessarily maternity so that they can be worn post-pregnancy as well! Layering is my bff for pregnancy during the colder months.
My style is so eclectic, it's hard to nail down sometimes. But I'd describe it as classic mixed with slouchy and casual. I love ankle boots, simple jewelry, oversized sweaters, plaid, blue jeans, and all things floral.
Although it took me losing a good amount of weight to find confidence in myself, I don't believe that you have to be the smallest you've ever been to look good. I think it really comes down to caring about yourself. That includes having healthy habits (but not depriving yourself, because chocolate is good), dressing yourself in a way that fits your own personal style, and showing confidence through your appearance. Recognize your own self worth and people will take notice. Fashion fits everyone because we are all supremely different, and that is wonderful."
- Janelle from Janelle in Real Life
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