Summer is for Skirts


I have a rule... if it is over 90 degrees and my legs are shaved (because let's be honest, that one is hit or miss) I wear a skirt. Or shorts... but since I am working at least 40 hours a week, skirts are the first thing. I used to always wear pants and my mom would ask me, "Aren't you going to be hot?" And I would just shrug my shoulders and say, "Naw... I will be fine." Well guess what mom? I am hot... ALL. THE. TIME! So I have come to the conclusion that summer is for skirts.

Skirts are the best thing that have ever happened to my life. And because I now live in a place where start last month is was over 90 degrees every day I have started to stalk up on skirts. Pencil skirts. A line skirts. Midi skirts. Skater skirts. Maxi skirts. Cotton skirts. Patterned skirts. I mean... the list goes on forever. I love them all. But one of my most favorite skirts is this one size fits most diddy that I got from My Sister's Closet. I have it in a handful of colors because it is so comfortable and so easy to pair up with other items. The texture to is hide any bumps of tucked in tops too, which I love since I am a big time tucker. This skirt is the bomb. And I challenge you to find something more comfortable in terms of a pencil skirt or something that comes in more colors.

Elephant Top: Aeropostale
Shoes: Payless

What do you think? I LOVE wearing it. Especially because in my job I am on the floor moving a lot, and since it is a spandex material - it moves with me. Which makes it so much easier when I am stacking chairs and rolling tables. Do you have a wardrobe rule for when it gets warm? Or maybe for when the temperature drops depending on where you live? I love hearing how people manage their closets... and speaking of managing your closet. How would you like to manage it by getting $200 to Anthro? Because if you keep scrolling that is also an option!
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