South Bend As Told By My Phone


You all know it happened... at least, if you follow me on the gram you know. Last week I was in South Bend visiting that sweet man of my man. It was all a whirlwind. I didn't think I was going to get to visit him for awhile because flights are expensive and work is busy. But I am having a hard time with him being gone this year and I just couldn't take it anymore. On Tuesday I asked my boss if she thought I could maybe go and we looked up some options for dates. On Tuesday night I mentioned I might try and come. On Wednesday I showed the dates to my GM and she approved instantly because, "I need to see my husband." And within an hour the flight, car, and hotel were booked by Adam while I watched the Easter pageant. And within a week and a half this happened...

I was SO excited to see Adam. I got to fly in Easter Sunday night. That meant I got to spend a very special holiday evening with Adam. In fact, one might call me the Easter bunny as I strolled in with jelly beans and a new button up.

Monday night's game was cancelled due to rain which meant EXTRA time with Adam. But not until after I had explored South Bend while Adam was at the field. I bought a book and I got m eyebrows threaded... which was SO painful but my eyebrows are a ten. Best they've ever looked. Once the game was cancelled Adam and I went and explored some and Adam played Easter bunny buying me my new fave lippy. More on that later. And a movie night, with popcorn. Duh.

Tuesday was a double header. 5 hours straight of baseball to makeup for a rain out the night before. Also. And it was freezing. Just as I am getting used to this AZ sun I get tossed to the tundra. Lots of NCIS was watched while Adam had to be at the field and I waited at the hotel for game time. Also, lots of selfies were taken during that period of time. Those two sentences of hotel time can be applied to every day but Sunday.

Wednesday I got to watch Adam pitch! 7 innings pitched. 4 hits. 0 runs. 2 walks. 6 strikeouts. ERA 0.92. Yeah, you could say I was proud. Plus the team ended up winning with a walk off single. Go Hawks. Oh.. earlier in the day we played tourists. We went to Notre Dame (awesome) and took a photo with Touchdown Jesus. Also, Adam pointed out that everyone looked like Rudy. I died laughing. Okay. I didn't die. But I laughed.

And Thursday was just time together. Sitting together before the game. And after three innings, popcorn, and a hot dog (aka my body hated me) I headed to the airport to leave.

And now here I am back in AZ. Missing Adam terribly. Going to see him was the best choice but also made me realize how much I miss him. I cannot wait to see him again. And I love him so much. South Bend, treat him well. But Adam, keep working hard and let's get you moved a little closer. Love you babe.

P.S. When can I go back?
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