Kleenex Saves The Day


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This is a text conversation between Adam and me the other day... I should've listened. That's right. I got sick. It could've been the 6 inches of snow. Or it could be the fact we don't own snow boots (that is going to be remedied really quickly) and we went sledding behind 4-wheelers on our family group date over the weekend at like 11 pm. Either way. It happened. That sore throat. Feeling sleepy. Don't wanna go to work. Lots of nose blowing. It happened. And the first thing I realized when I got sick? We don't have ANY Kleenex at our house. So our family home evening was spent outside of the home buying some tissues.

But that doesn't answer why we had no Kleenex at our house before... so I got to thinking, where the heck was all the tissue during allergy season? I know I blew my nose at least 50 times a day then. And then I remembered. I stopped buying Kleenex because Adam always just uses toilet paper to blow his nose. And that is no good for two reasons. First. We have to buy toilet paper in mass quantities, which is embarrassing. Second. Toilet paper in no way compares to the quality of a good Kleenex. So we went out and bought a four pack - because there is a $1 off coupon for 4 packs or larger - only click that link when you are ready to print because there is a 2 click limit per IP address. And I have officially converted Adam to all of the goodness that is a Kleenex tissue on your nose.

Alright. So I went with the holiday 4 pack. Because let's face it, my house is Christmas-timed from front door to the bathroom to the bedroom. And these cute packages fit in perfectly around the house. So that is how we are fighting the cough, cold, and flu season at our house. By putting up tissue boxes in every nook and cranny. That way we can relax in comfort without having to run to the bathroom to blow our noses.

See what I mean? Kleenex box in our laps. Football on the TV. Cuddled up under the blanket for full on comfort.

So what can we learn from this post? We can learn that when your husband says to get your flu shot you do it. Otherwise you will get sick. We can also learn that you should go out and buy some Kleenex because the quality trumps even the coziest of toilet paper when blowing your nose. And we can also learn that you should go out and buy some Kleenex now with the awesome Target coupon. And I would recommend the holiday packs because let's face it, they are adorable. So if you get sick. Curl up. Get some Kleenex. Find someone to cuddle you. Eat some soup. And next year, get a flu shot.
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