A 2013 Review


January \\ A year that started off with a lot of New Year's Resolutions. Hardly any of which were kept... that is a really sucky way to start. In January I fell victim to the pony tail pat down, once again. What a fail. I need to learn the ins and outs of flying apparently. And besides that everything was Miss America! A trip to Las Vegas with my Mom and pageant sisters for Miss America. And I was on the Miss America 20/20 Special. I feel like that is a huge accomplishment.

February \\ Generally a month that marks the start of our favorite season. Baseball season. Adam had his season opener (over Valentine's Day mind you... so we had a pre-Valentine's Celebration and then he treated me from a distance) and the games were supposed to start in Utah at the end of the month. But got relocated to St. Geezy because of snow. wahhhh.... So since Adam was gone a ton with baseball I took multiple trips to Idaho for my best friend's wedding! I got to throw her bridal shower with my mother and I was a bridesmaid for the big day, and her husband surprised her with the most perfect flash mob.

March \\ Baseball season officially came to the great state of Utah! And so all my months from here forward are consumed with sitting in the stands with Madi and Merilee, eating Cougar tails, and lots of layers since Utah doesn't officially warm up for another month or so. Adam got his first win of the season and after we headed to a dance show because I got tickets from work. March Madness took up a lot of time, and I didn't come in dead last in this year's bracket challenge. One weekend while Adam was gone I finished putting together our wedding video as a surprise for his return! Oh. I also hit the big 700 posts.

April \\ Baseball. Lots of baseball. I got to meet one of Adam's mission families at a game because they were in the USA for General Conference. And a stay-cation to Salt Lake to watch a Bees game, visit the Salt Lake Temple, and take advantage of our one week off from baseball. And in my time away from Adam... A trip to Idaho for Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen. And I finally found something to compare all this blogging nonsense to.

May \\ What else but more baseball?! Seriously... that is all we did. I surprised Adam in California by not showing up at his game. He was very, very confused. But we got to enjoy a little time together out of Utah. And then his team made the tournament in Stockton. So I road tripped with 3 other baseball wives down to watch them play! That filled with baseball weekends in between at home. Baseball. Baseball. Baseball.

June \\ Adam and I decided to move closer to my work so I wouldn't have a long way to drive when left for the summer. Adam officially became an Arizona Diamondback! And he received an official jersey to prove it. But Waiting for the draft drove me absolutely bonkers. I successfully ran a 10K. We got in the tiniest of car wrecks that cost a lot of dollars. The windshield also cracked straight down the middle.And then Adam left for the summer.

July \\ While Adam was gone I spent a lot of time with family and friends. That included my nephew's baptism, the 4th of July, and week in Idaho with my mom and my pageant peeps. And spent a lot of time counting down to Adam playing in Ogden! But then Adam showed up and surprised me for a surprise. Then it was 5 straight days with that husband of mine. Plus, Adam was featured in the Missoula newspaper.

August \\ Adam and I celebrated one year of marriage! And I went to Missoula once to celebrate our anniversary and watch Adam pitch. Then Adam got to come to Utah to pitch in Utah and I met his brother for the first time, and Adam saw him for the first time in 2 years. All the pitching finally caught up with Adam in Orem and he was send down to rehab in Arizona put on hold for pitching until January.

September \\ A month of medical everything for Adam and I. Adam spent the month in AZ doing rehab for his arm. I had to get an MRI and an EMG - scans, needles, and shock treatment... cool? But I went to Arizona to see Adam and attend my first MLB game. And that was wonderful. Also.

October \\ The best thing of all. ADAM CAME HOME! And the second best thing of all. My birthmonth. Halloween costume was a win. Literally... it was a winner. We won Most Original Costume! Then the worst thing of all. A woman yelled at me at work, everything died on the Alpine Loop, and baseball season ended.

November \\ Lots of football with family. Which means Two box games thanks to my Dad. I graduated from physical therapy. And Adam got Lasik. Smartest career move ever. My bestie Michelle and I launched our new wedding website, The Wedding & Company. And we finished off the month with a California Thanksgiving, bounce house included.

December \\ This month has been a whirlwind. Holiday celebrations left and right. No time to rest really. And then just when I needed it most, a week long trip home to Idaho for all the rest in the world. Plus piles of food. We both got sick at one point or another, but being in Idaho was well worth it.

2014 \\ Things we are looking forward to? Finding out where Adam will be playing for the 2014 season. Trips to AZ. A cruise in January. And another year of adventure. What are your highlights of 2013? What are you looking forward to in 2014?
Bethany said...

Fun recap! Totally love the Halloween costume!

Marissa Johnson said...

Wow, your year was baseball heavy! But it sounds like it was still great!! Happy New Year!

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