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I would say it is now officially fall. The first sign would be that the calendar has actually changed from summer to fall. The second sign would be that it is no longer in the high 80s every single day. It is officially time for my favorite fashion season to begin. FALL FASHION! I can finally start pulling out my cardigans and boots. Because those are my fall staples every year. But let's talk about this year's trends! Today I have the ladies from the sidebar sharing their favorite fashion items for this fall.

"This year, my favorite fall fashion item would have to be cardigans. 
I love how a simple cardigan can expand your wardrobe 
and turn some of your summer outfits into fall friendly ones."

"My favorite fall fashion item is boots!
 I love them because I can dress them up with skirts for a more girly look, 
or I can dress them down with leggings and an oversized sweater."

"My favorite fall fashion item is my gray infinity scarf. 
I seriously consider wearing it every day sometimes. 
It just works so perfectly with my black skinnies, chambray button-up, 
long socks and red hunter boots. Oh boy, am I a fan of those red hunter boots. 
Ok, so my favorite items are my scarf and my boots. There, I'm done."

"This one is hard, because I live in Florida where we don't always get "fall" weather. 
I have to get creative with fall fashion that can work for summer temperatures. 
This means I really have to play with colors ... 
I may not be able to rock fall coats, but I can definitely rock fall colors. 
My go to outfit is a pair of boots with a dress that could pass for a fall item, even if it's sleeveless." 

"Favorite fall fashion item: Military Jackets and combat boots. 
Back in my junior year of college, before combat boots were even a thread of thought in fashion, 
a guy I worked with complained that guys had it rough because there were all kinds of boots 
for girls to wear that were fashionable and functional and they had nothing. 
I suggested he wear combat boots. It's a gift."

"My favorite fall fashion is definitely sweaters. 
I love sweaters of all kinds: flowers, patterned, or plain. I absolutely love to style them with 
skinny jeans and my favorite brown boots (wish I had a picture! 
Not a fashion blogger so I don't have any style photos for fall fashion haha). 
It is so comfortable and you don't need a big jacket!" 

So I am pretty much in agreeance with all these ladies. Boots, scarves, jackets, sweaters, cardigans.. they named it all! But I am especially looking forward to buying some liquid leggings, a utility/military jacket, a pair over the knee boots and an infinity scarf to spice up my fall attire! What 2013 fall trends do you love? What are your fall must haves? Any items you are looking forward to adding to your closet?

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Kim Bird said...

I just realized I haven't been following your blog! Now I am officially !xoxo

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