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My family travels. And because of that, growing up I had a lot of opportunities to travel to different places. My family has been to Europe two different times. Once when I was too young to actually appreciate it and once when I was old enough to understand that traveling is a blessing and an incredible opportunity. But from both times, I can remember that the shopping was way better. The styling was different and the colors were more bold. And I loved walking through department stores to see what Europe's fashion had to offer me.

So you can imagine how much I love it when these European retailers open their online sales to the USA. And just recently another company did just that. Joules is massive in the UK and they are ready to come to the USA. They have a ton of fun clothing. I threw together two outfits made from all Joules items (besides the leggings) that I love to show you a variety of what they have to offer.

Joules Opens to USA

Joules Opens to USA by lovetheskinnys featuring a yellow vest

So the outfit on the left features a yellow vest. It is perfect for fall when you need a little extra warmth but not a full jacket. Something that I love about this vest is the color! Who said that fall had to be dull, why not throw in a bright yellow vest? I paired it with a chunky sweater with a hood, a simple messenger bag with a detailed strap, and simple blue rain boots.

The outfit on the right started with the rain boots. I fell in love with all of the rain boots on Joules. They have fun patterns and styles, tall and short, and all the goods. But these boots have the perfect girly detail with the magenta bows on the bag. I died. They are so cute. And then as I kept looking around I saw the dog sweater which had the magenta detailing on the sleeve. Then throw on the jacket for a little more accent with a bright yellow bag. How fun.

So go take a look at Joules. They have so many fun items! And hundreds have them are perfect for getting ready for what looks like a rainy fall season here in Utah. Or just a regular fall wherever you are. What item are you loving? What are you hoping to add to your fall wardrobe?
Kelsey Eaton said...

Oooh super cute. You just sparked my desire to go to Europe even more!

Brooklyn McKenna said...

That yellow vest needs to make it's way to my closet! It is SO cute! <3 Thanks for sharing a fun new shop :)

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