Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 4


Today I have Brandilyn of Mom Clothes (formerly Cats & Cardigans!) 
and I'm so happy she agreed to join in on Fashion Fits Everyone. 
She is a stunning mother. I love the fact that she dresses for her mom life and completely embraces it.
For me, fashion and beauty is all about what makes you feel comfortable. As a reader of fashion blogs, I'm constantly seeing posts starring stilettos, leather leggings, a bold red lip, the whole nine yards. It's easy to think that I should be wearing the same trendy pieces if I'm going to be posting about fashion and outfits, too. Here's my hang up, though: comfort. I'm not talking sweatpants comfortable (although of course I indulge in that often, too!), I'm talking about looking like you, in outfits that reflect who you are and the things you find beautiful.

 photo FFEButton_zps3ece9ed1.pngIn this season of life, a mother is who I am, and I find joy and beauty in days spent stacking blocks, wiping up spilled Spaghetti O's, and drying tears. I don't have the budget for designer labels, and even if I did, it would be silly to wear clothes that had to be dry cleaned when I know they're going to get dirty fingerprints on them! This is what dressing for my body type means to me--wearing clothing that makes me feel put together and comfortable in my life, even when it would be so much more glamorous to dress for someone else's life.

Bottom line: my advice for body type and style? Dress for your life, in clothes that make you feel gorgeous!
Kelsey Eaton said...

Love this! I am pretty sure I read like all of Brandilyn's blog last year when I was sick haha!

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