Our Story || Part Two


During the whole game I kept peeping over at Adam. But he was never looking at me. But apparently he was peeping over at me and I was never looking at him... timing people. And after I walked away Adam pulled out his phone and typed my name in it so he could remember it at church on Sunday.

Then comes Sunday. Adam came and sat by me at church, this time on purpose. He would make little comments to me during the lesson about things. Small talk, ya know? And then after Sunday School before the grand split, we talked for a good 4 minutes about all sorts of random things. Ending with, "I will see you at ward prayer? Maybe?"

A few of us post ward prayer. My roommate Alex is standing next to me.
She was a huge support during the dating phase.

That night before ward prayer Adam went to the BYU Athlete's fireside and I happened to be there with some friends... slash a guy that invited me to come. As I walked out to the refreshments I saw Adam and it was all over. I couldn't focus on the guy that invited me at all. I kept watching Adam to see who was talking to him, to see where he was... so much that the guy eventually noticed I was paying no attention and suggested we headed home.

Once I got back to my place, I ran home. Made myself look a little fancier, and head over to ward prayer. After the song, quote, and prayer I made a beeline to Adam. I didn't care who he was talking to. It was my turn. I told him I saw him at the fireside but I didn't want to come talk to him because he was surrounded by girls. He didn't listen to that comment, he jumped straight to, "Why were you there?" I couldn't tell him I was there with another boy... "I'm on the mime team?" Well that led into a whole nother discussion which eventually got us to YouTube videos. And Adam told me he had never seen "Can I Have Your Number?" So... I invited myself over, after he was done doing his New Testament reading, to show him. He told me to come over in like 30 minutes.

At about 20 minutes I looked up his number in the ward directory and text him, "You still cool if I come over?" After about ten minutes I got no answer... so I head over.

To be continued...
Amy said...

I'm loving how confident you are through this story! You go girl!

Amberly Lambertsen said...

I LOVE this story! I am so glad you are telling it in detail! And I love how assertive you are, it's my favorite, and I can totally see you doing it! :) And way to be to Adam for making note of who you were ;) Sad I didn't get to come and see you last night. I still want to have a girl's night, and I promise, I'm going to plan it, life just got a little wild with all of this moving/vacation stuff going on at the same time all of the sudden.

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

I love how you weren't afraid to go after him :) And also love that you showed him can I have your number...how had he not seen that before! ;)

Amanda Schroeder said...

How did I miss this? I read Part I and Part III but never Part II. I knew I was missing something when you went over there...super randomly. All makes sense now. I LOVE this. And I think it's cute.

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