The Smile Chronicles || Volume 4


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Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder.

Today was a normal day. We are smiling because we get to spend time with each other. We are smiling because we are grateful for our health. And we are smiling because we love each other more each day. After taking this photo, Mr. Schroeder says, "What the? I look like I'm 180 years old. Where is my hair?!" That too, made me smile.

"Because deep down, we know that what matters in life is more than winning for ourselves. What matters is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course. Life teaches us that we can achieve happiness when we seek the happiness and well-being of others." -Elaine Dalton

Want to be a part of The Smile Chronicles? Print your own poster, take a photo with it, and send it to with your name and a description of the photo. Go ahead and get creative with your photo. Only rule? Whoever is in the photo is holding the sign and SMILING!

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Amberly said...

Haha, I love Amanda!!! And that picture and little caption describe her and her hubby perfectly! :)

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