Splurge and Save || Outfit 3


Splurge and Save || Girly Swimsuit
Splurge and Save || Girly Swimsuit by lovetheskinnys featuring a striped hat

Don't be a beach bum in those old duds. The easiest way to add girly flair to any beach outfit is with a hat. And floppy hats are all the rage right now. Throw on your one piece with a simple dress - crochet has been catching my eye lately - and add your movie star sunglasses and a summer vibe hat. Insta beach babe. Looking good! Head over to my Polyvore profile for details on where to get these items.

*All outfits are built on Polyvore.com. Styling is built to suite my personal taste and dress standards.*
LaynahRose said...

o b s e s s e d with both of these!
They are so my style it isn't even funny, I cant choose which one I like more

Cayli Johnson said...

If only we could all afford the more expensive versions of things ;) love this post great idea! Found your blog from Amanda. Following you ;)


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