Keep Your Faith.


With everything going on in the world these last 24 hours it is important to remember this...
A friend shared that with me in 2011 as I was going through a hard time. I am so grateful she did, because it was a turning point for me. My faith can be so much stronger than my fears. My faith can carry me through a lot of trials. And at the end of the day, when everything else is gone, all I have is my faith. To look to a brighter day and a better tomorrow. So show love to your neighbor, support your family, make friends, and keep your faith. Because that will be enough to keep you moving to tomorrow.

I have faith that Charice will be found. I have faith that Boston feels our prayers. I have faith that good things come in times of darkness. I have faith that there will always be the helpers. I have faith that tomorrow will be better. I have faith that we can grow strong together. I have faith in the happy moments. I have faith in my friends and family. I have faith in my supportive neighbors. I have faith in a strong community. What do you have faith in?

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