Dear New Job,


Remember how I started a new job? Remember how I've learned a lot in the first week of a new job? Not only the regular training stuff... ya know, the manual, the rules, everyone's names. But all that other stuff. So here you have it. The top ten things I am learning at my first week of a new job.
  1. After 3 weeks of no work, getting up to be to work at 8 is hard. New sleeping patterns are hard to adjust to. Must. Be. In. Bed. By. Ten.
  2. Also, after all that time sleeping, yawning at 10 AM is common.
  3. Make sure if you are changing your last name (due to marriage or some other thing) that you have the proper documentation before you start. Otherwise for the first week everyone will be confused... "Is your last name Edmunds or Miller?" and then you will have to spend the next week changing your name on... everything.
  4. Life is a lot easier when you use the same password for every new work program.
  5. Hotels are a lot bigger than you would expect. So many passageways. So many times lost already.
  6. The best way to make friends with new co-workers is to drop as many pop culture references as possible, someone is bound to pick up on one of them.
  7. Saved By the Bell is still on Netflix at night... I don't have to lay in bed all day to watch it.
  8. Working all day is tiring. How am I tired at 8 PM now? I need to watch Saved By the Bell.
  9. I might be out of kindergarten, but memorizing a new phone number is hard. And I have to memorize two.
  10. Packing a lunch is important because there isn't a kitchen down the hall.
I do enjoy dressing fancy though. That is one perk to working for a prestigious company. Business attire, which I really do enjoy!

Blazer: Thrifted | Top: Mod Bod | Skirt: SexyModest | Shoes: Target | Nechlace: Forever21
Lots more lessons to come. With 30 days of training before I actually start my job, I can promise you that. What have you learned at your job?

Bethany Grow said...

i love dressing fancy at work! though now i only have 1 pair of jeans and LOADS of skirts. when you only wear casual clothes on saturdays, casual clothes are hard to come by in my closet. so excited for you! about the job... and i guess the fancy clothes too?

Elsha said...

HEEEEYYYY Sexy lady! Congrats again D! You look awesome and will do awesome :)

Kimmyyy83 said...

LOVE that skirt!!! so much!!!!!!!

K&R said...

love your outfit first of all.
and i get soo tired soo early because i work and go to school, when we get home and its like 7:30 and we still have to make dinner and do homework i think i might just die. bed times are a must!


Janette said...

Oooh! Look at you and your fancy self!Looking amazing! Hope everything at the job is going swimmingly!


Meredith @ A Penny For A Thought said...

You look great! AND so does your fescue??? I'm sorry, my husband is obsessed with "lawnscaping" so, of course, I notice when someone has nice grass. Ha ha!

P.S. I also love SBTB. The Hot Sundae episode was always my favorite. :)


Anonymous said...

What I've learned at my job:

1). Don't take candy from other people's candy dishes
2). Wear sandals while commuting and heels in the office
3). Don't ask your manager what "Hawaii 5-0" is because he'll laugh and say, "when were you born again"?
4). When you're in a post-lunch meeting and can't keep your eyes open it helps to fidget a lot
5). After catered lunches, steal all the diet cokes you can carry and store them in your desk drawer for a before-mentioned post-lunch meeting
6). I can keep going alllll day

Cyndi Calhoun said...

Awesome outfit and it sounds like the new gig is going well. So happy for you! :)

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