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Two weeks ago I wrote about my recent layoff and unemployment. And here I am two weeks later. Employed! I am feeling so blessed and so happy right now. Not only am I employed, but I am working my DREAM job. Honestly. Timing is everything. And His timing is everything. And everything happens for a reason. Things could not have worked out better for me, and I know I have someone up above watching out for me.

So what is my job? You are looking at reading about the new Event Manager from Marriott International!

The timing of everything was out. of. this. world. Honestly. It was perfect. I obviously have someone watching out for me upstairs. I applied for the position a week and a half before the lay-off. It was a position I had applied for previously and interviewed for back in June, it ended up not working out. So when I saw the position posted again I applied immediately

November 6th. I applied.

November 9th. That Friday I was contacted by the company Marriott uses for hiring to set up a phone interview for Tuesday (the day I was let go from my previous job) and to set up an in person interview for Thursday.

November 13th. I was let go from my previous job at 8:30 in the morning. At 10:00 am I had my phone interview. The woman on the other end of the line remembered me and we talked for 5 minutes just catching up and making sure this was still something I wanted.

November 15th. In person interview with my current manager Mel. After about 20 minutes talking and interviewing he took me to meet with the HR Manager. I was given a tentative offer based on my drug test, background check, and references.

November 20th. The HR Manager called to officially offer my the position. I went into the hotel and signed my acceptance letter.

Now... from the 20th until Monday I kept my job relatively quiet. Because life can throw curve balls. And life can surprise you. And I honestly felt like this was all too good to be true and that the other shoe was going to drop... How in the world did I just end up with my DREAM JOB?! But the other shoe did not drop. The shoes stayed on. They came with a name tag, a new office, and a company cell.

December 3rd. I officially started at Marriott International! For the next 30 days I will be doing training. A lot of training. Since I have never worked in a hotel they are having me work in every department from house keeping to banquet serving to the front desk. They want me to learn and know the company. In addition to that I will be learning all about my job and be taking multiple online courses to make sure I am educated and informed in the Marriott way. I am so impressed with the time they take to train their employees. And I am so GRATEFUL to be working for such a wonderful company. I am officially employed.

vickilicious said...

WOW! Event Manager from Marriott International!!! Congratulations!!! See?! When one door closes another one opens!!!

Angie Bean said...

I've got goosebumps! Congratulations!!!!


*LO* said...

congratulations, this is insanely awesome!!! i hope the job lives up to your expectations!! :)

Rea T said...

wow! GOD is good all the time!
congratulations on your new job!


Kasey T said...


Kimmyyy83 said...

Congrats girl!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Deidre! Congratulations!!
I sure hope you get discounts on hotel rooms so you and your husband can have a party sometime! haha!

amanda @ we and serendipity

Amanda Schroeder said...

The second I hit "publish your comment," the Marriott was on a commercial on Spotify. I thought of you. Just so you know. HAHA!

Jessica said...

That is great! I'm so happy that everything has worked out for you. Seriously, the Lord is always looking out for your well-being :)

Erin said...

Congrats! That is seriously amazing! Amazing how things work out, huh?! I went through a similar type of 'dream job landing' a few years ago and still can't believe how it all worked out!

Mary Davis said...

That is so amazing! Life can be wacky sometimes, and it is so exciting that that all happened for you like that! Congrats on the job.

SarahJane Miller said...

YAY!! I am so excited for you Deidre! This is seriously so awesome!

Summer Martin said...

Followed you via Friday Hawaii Blog Hop :)

Wow! Marriott International sounds amazing. I worked for the Fairmont and working for a hotel is an amazing experience, especially working for a hotel with such prestige such as Marriott. I've worked a few departments in the hotel industry and you will do great. Banquet serving was probably my favourite in the hotel industry (very fast paced). Working for the hotel industry is a lot of fun!! You'll enjoy it!

Summer x


Pakize Kapan said...

Aloha my new friend :-) Just followed your blog through the Aloha Blog Hop via whatjeanlikes :-) Feel free to visit my fashion blog anytime and maybe follow back if you like :-)

kisses Keke

kisses Keke


Katie Corley said...

Congratulations! Stopping by from the blog hop. Now following you on Bloglovin. Would love if you could check out my site and follow back on Bloglovin.

Katie~ http://lifeinthesimpleln.com

Shabnam Ahsan said...


I am your new follower from Aloha Blog Hop....Can you plz follow both of mine



Joyce Lansky said...

Congratulations on the new job. My daughter is majoring in Event Management at UCF. It's a fairly new major that is up and coming. The school boasts of a 100% job placement for her major. It sounds like it would be a fun field, and I'm excited for her and you.


Meredith @ A Penny For A Thought said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so thrilled for you. Our timing truly is in God's hands, and it seems like the layoff was part of His plan. It takes so many people MONTHS or even years to find something after a layoff, and some NEVER find their dream job. Congratulations.

A new follower through Aloha Friday Blog Hop,

Meredith @ A Penny For A Thought said...

P.S. I'm your 400th follower. Yay!

Tayler said...

Congratulations!!! Your dream job, that's incredible! (Also, I promise I am going to email you back. I somehow contracted strep this week and have been in bed for days and am not even sure what day it is. But I will get back to you, I promise!)

Janette said...

What the what???? AMAZING! CONGRATS DEIDRE! I'm sooo happy for you! Oh I wish I had a dream job! lol I'm so proud of you friend! I know you're going to do amazing! Take a pic of your office!!!!


Conner said...

seriously so awesome! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Life is so awesome like that!! Congrats on your dream job!!! You deserve the best!
Stopping by from The Aloha Hop and The Stiletto Files!

Vicki said...

Congrats! What an awesome job! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop; looking forward to getting to know you! Stop by my blog is you get a chance :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that's an awesome story, timing really is everything. I'm so glad everything worked out!
-Kelly (your newest follower)

Samantha Z said...

New follower (trickled over from Life of Bon to see who the genius is that designed her site) Seems I came on a good day! Congrats! That's awesome news.

DGMommy Tamara said...

Congratulations!! Marriott is a fantastic company to work for - I worked for franchised hotels for 7 years! It's hard, but exceptionally rewarding, to work in hotels. Enjoy it! New follower from the Aloha hop.

Theresa said...

Wow, that is so amazing! Congrats on your wonderful new job!

Happy to be your newest follower!
Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

mail4rosey said...

Congrats on the awesome position!

kendra kay said...

you definitely have someone watching over you and making sure you get to where you need to be and will be happy. i'm so glad i found you today- i was doin' my usual friday link up with the aloha friday hop and your blog looks so fun- so nice to meet ya- come by and visit me sometime and congrats on your new venture!

Cyndi Calhoun said...

Good for you! That's a relief. :)
I need to get "better" employed, hehe.
In any case, beautiful blog and I'm glad I found you through the blog hop. Can't wait to follow. :)

Rachel said...

That is wonderful! It is really hard to journey through the unknowns, hey? - but generally things work out in the end :)
I was job-less for about 2 months - and now I have an amazing new job in a law firm (a place that I never would've even considered working!), where the people are lovely and the work is enjoyable.
Good things come to those who wait and rely on the Lord's timing!

Joan said...

Congrats! I'm a new follower through the blog hop :)

Joan said...

Congrats! I'm a new follower through the blog hop :)

Elsha said...

CONGRATS! I remember when you told me about this job and I was crossing my fingers for you :) Lucky girl!

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