Dear Unemployed,


You know those moments when all you can think is... "Man, this sucks..."? And you either cry, get mad, or get silent? Well... if you don't know those moments, you are in serious denial my friend. Because they happen to everyone whether you like it or not. And I am guessing you don't like it. Because I don't. I don't like hearing about them, because when they happen to a friend you are truly helpless and I don't like them happening to me.. because at that moment I am truly helpless. And all I can do is pick a path. Make it good or make it bad.

Let me preface this. This post isn't for pity. I know things will work out. This is for honesty. I want you to know the good and the bad that is me.

Well. Now are you wondering what that moment is? If you haven't guessed from my title. I am recently and currently unemployed. With the economy and with the industry I was working in things weren't looking great. I thought I had built a leg under my position, the kind of leg that if they knock it out the stool will fall flat on the ground. But then I get the call from my friend over in HR, "Deidre... can you come to Mark's office?" She sounded really upset, "Yeah... I will be right there." I hurried back to our HR Director's office. And I saw my manager in there. And I knew, everything was okay for my friend, but not for me. I stepped into the office and the next few minutes went by quick and blurry. It was time for the company to make cuts to become profitable again. It was time to make some layoffs. And sadly, it was time for me to find a new job.

Man... this sucks.

Now it is time for everything else. Pack up the desk. Cry. Be a little bitter... but mostly. Update the resume. Apply everywhere. Wow employers with my interviewing skills. And land the job.

But mostly. It is time for faith. Not only to have faith that He has a plan for me. A perfect plan for me. But faith in His timing of that plan. He knows what I need and I merely know what I want. This is where my faith needs to be kicked into gear. Because the trials He gives me are really for my benefit. And He only gives them to me when He knows I am ready. And I guess... this is one trial I was ready for. "Faith in God includes faith in His timing." -Neal A Maxwell.

At least I have this to look forward too.

IDAHO! Here I come. What a great time for Thanksgiving with family.

Deidre said...

I'm sorry girl! I know you will find something soon!!!

Angie Bean said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry! I've been through that same situation a couple of times - feels kind of like a breakup :( But in hindsight it was always a blessing in disguise! On to bigger and better things! Good luck!

Love and Such said...

Alright Lady...
First of all, I'm so sorry about your job that's a crap situation.. I hate things like this.

Where are you living right now?
We are looking to hire someone at my work!! Are you looking for something specific or anything?

Shawna said...

As cliché as it sounds, everything really does happens for a reason. Take this time to enjoy life, enjoy your husband and really polish your resume. Be sure to ask your former employers for a letter of recommendation! And if you need any help just let me know, I am pretty good with that sort of stuff :-) Good luck Girly!

brielle said...

i'm so sorry girl! now i kind of feel like a butt for quitting my job... i am applying like crazy everywhere too! i hope you find something soon!!!

Ashley Eliza said...

girlie i hope and know you will find something amazing and even better then your last job! you are the bomb diggity and will woo them with your skills. enjoy your break in the mean time xo

SarahJane Miller said...

I am so sorry! The economy is so rough right now! It took me multiple months to find a job here in Florida when we moved. I hope you find something soon!

Danielle Henley said...

I'm so sorry Deirdre! Praying for you!

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