Dear Snow Fall,


It is snowing like crazy over here... all weekend ideas of road trips and outdoor adventure just got squashed. And the football game tonight? BETTER BUNDLE UP! It is going to be fa-ree-zing! Here is your weekend tune. With some strong women singers... the video is cray.

Hopefully you don't get a foot of snow today... or hopefully we don't get another foot. Have a good one. Here is hoping for sunny weather!


Beth Lane said...

We had snow on Wednesday and today it's sunny, in the 50's and beautiful! I kind of wish it were still snowing so I'd feel less guilty about watching Season 1 of Friends, eating pizza, and drinking beer right now.

A Muse in Purple said...

I saw Whitney's Instagram photos...brr! I keep forgetting it's November. If it wasn't for college football, I'd still think it was summer :)

Stefani said...

Is it weird that I wish we had a foot of snow here? *sigh* I miss it. This song is rad, though. :-) Have a fun snow-stormy day!

Eesh said...

Awww send some snow this way & I'll send some Caribbean sunshine!


Chevron andLace said...

Ooooohhh my goodness that video IS cray cray, but I like it... Precious. ;)

mail4rosey said...

Snow?!?!? Arghghghghhg! I knew it was coming... I hoped it would wait a little longer. Happy rest of the weekend!

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