Dear Sasquatch,


The legend of Sasquatch (yes I capitalize his name. Do you want to get on his hit-list for something so little as a proper noun?) has been around for years. Since I was a child, I have been enthralled by the mysterious nature of the beast. Is he real? How tall is he? Where does he live? My brothers and I even mastered the Sasquatch-strut. Its similar to that of Jar-Jar Binks from Star Wars. The aggressive nature of Sasquatch is portrayed in videos such as...

This afternoon I head the rumor of a Sasquatch sighting in PROVO! To check the validity of the myth, I checked one of the most reliable sources on the internet...YouTube. To my utter amazement, I found this...

He is here ladies and gentleman! Its Provo's turn to get a glimpse of The Legend. May I warn the following two images have any resemblance? If so, Christmas is going to be unlike any others we have ever had. Block your chimneys, lock your doors, and DON'T leave any cookies. Christmas is going to be interesting this year ;)
Whitney Leigh said...

we're going hunting, wanna come? :)
torches and pitch forks. the whole shebang.

Nicole said...

Hey lady! Following you now! :)

♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

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