Dear Grub Tour | The Awful Waffle,


Awful Waffle
602 East 600 North 
Provo UT

Last week was the Awful Waffle blogger meet up. And let me tell you. The Awful Waffle is GOOD. There was about 15 bloggers there and we all ordered different things so we could share and taste test.

I tried a little of everything. Here is a list of the things I had a bite of, that way you can get an idea of the variety.

Cinnamon waffle with strawberries, cream cheese icing, and cinnamon sugar on top
Barbecue chicken pizza
Crepe filled with nutella topped with strawberries, bananas, and whipped cream
French fries with their three speciality dipping sauces
Liege waffle with speculoos and strawberries
Spicy sausage egg and cheese crepe
Crepe with pumpkin pie filling, graham cracker, cream cheese icing, whipped cream

I know what you are thinking... this girl ate a ton... what the heck? I just want to remind you, with a bunch of girls ordering, we all shared. That is how I was lucky enough to try it all! Let me tell you my favorite things about this place:
  1. Delicious waffles and crepes with any of the toppings you want. Seriously so much variety. 
  2. Savory crepes too. You want a crepe but not a treat, they have you covered.
  3. The light fixtures are bomb. Some made out of bird cages, some out of mason jars, and some with exposed copper. The light fixtures was enough all on it's own to make me happy.
  4. Two words. Chalkboards everywhere.
  5. They are more than waffles because there is a pizzeria with it now. I got one to go. And they write little messages in the lid of every to go box.
Besides all of those things, it is just a fun environment and a good price. The only downside to Awful Waffle is parking. It is in the middle of a complex,so you either have to park a little further away or luck into a spot close. There is also a church parking lot across the street, it says it boots... but I parked there and was fine. Just a side note in case you need to be there at a specific time. Plan for parking. I would seriously recommend stopping in. Here are some photos of the environment at The Awful Waffle. 
Ceramic deer head on the wall? Don't mind if I do.

The one thing that someone remembered to take a photo of before DIGGING in.

Most of the bloggers that were there that night.

Okay. So... you see what I mean? First of all. The food is GREAT and very reasonably priced. The atmosphere is fun and modern (maybe a little hipster trendy?). There is always room to draw on the table or the wall. And there is a lot of seating so you don't have to worry about searching for a seat. I pinky promise you will love Awful Waffle.

Deidre said...

Looks like fun--I have just been invited to a few blogging events in Texas. I love blogger networks!

Ashley said...

SOOO fun!!! That is a crazy name for a yummy place :-)

Ashley Eliza said...

i was so sad i couldnt go to this! all you girls are beautiful!
and i still need to try this place.. so if you ever want to go.. let me know :)


kelsey bang said...

HI! I sat across/dianogalish from you from this! to fun! I enjoyed a fun time and food to! ps. I am stilling this bottom picture of everyone! hope thats ok :)

Kristy Stoner said...

I finally got my post up too...

Love your blog by the way!

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