Dear Fall,


It is FINALLY feeling like fall. I have had to put on sweats at night and boots in the morning. And I have even regretted not grabbing a jacket a time or two. So it must be fall, for reals. Adam and I decided to make a fall checklist of all the things we wanted to accomplish as the weather cools off. Here is our list.

Does anyone else get super excited for Halloween? I love dressing up. And haunted houses.
What fall traditions are you looking forward to?
What things do you have planned for fall?

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

I love fall!!! And your blog is super cute :) found ya from the super long named blog hop AKA the i love my online friends bli hop. Haha newest follower and excited to read more posts from ya!!

Brani Laine said...

Yayyy! I am so happy for you, yet at the same time extremely jealous...because here in FL we are still wearing shorts and flip-flops and feeling sticky sometimes. Florida has two seasons, you know? Summer and January. :P Haha, I heard that from an old man once. It's true, however. I cannot wait to wear my fall clothes & boots! Boots are my favorite fashion item, no doubt about it. Your fall list is amazing. There are so many things on there that I want to do, too! So add Brandon and myself to the list. :)

Brooke said...

Love this list! You basically got all the good ones. Ah I love fall!

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