Dear Costumes,


Today I am taking you to Ghosts of Halloweens past. Because I love dressing up. And there are so many more things I could show you. But I narrowed it down. So now if you change your mind LAST minute and want to dress up. You can. I am still deciding on tomorrow's ensemble.

Crowns. Anyone can be a princess.

Ears and a tail of any sort. This year I was trying to be a wolf. No one got it.
 Anything Harry Potter. I usually go for Professor Trelawney. Big glasses, a crystal ball, and I get to act crazy. It is a win, win, WIN.
  Anything you can find in your closet to look like you are from a different century or state of mind.
 Superwoman. Because I love spandex.
 Ballerina. Which comes alive or dead depending on my mood.
And my BEST costume ever... 
Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace.

Are you going to be dressing up?
What are you being?
What should I be, any ideas?

Danielle said...

Spandex is the bomb. Yup, the bomb!

Keena Horton said...

ohhhh yes i always turn to dressing like i am from the 50's or 80's :) there has been plenty of years i have done that! this year i am being minnie mouse! my costume is BOMB

Tarabelle said...



Maddi said...

I work for a bank so me and my coworkers decided today to dress up bank robbers!

Elsha Bodily said...

I concur! MJ was amazing...your costume I mean! Awesome photos

Anonymous said...

1). your outfit today was perfect
2). i love that i'm in half of these photos

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