Dear Birthday Redo,


I haven't told you about this day yet. Because I was planning on doing it last week. But then Adam wanted to give his rebuttal to the 10 things we have learned since we have been wed. Which meant this post got pushed off. But now it is time to share the birthday redo with you all. Starting with the photos from the day.

Now are you wondering what we did? Clearly, you are.

  • We woke up in the morning, sort of early, because Adam had baseball practice due to rain on Friday.
  • Baseball started at 10, but he always likes to go to the field early. So at 8:15 he said he was heading out the door to practice... to which I said, "Already!? Can't you just cuddle a little bit longer!?" And he said. "I really need to go to practice early..." And so I whined, "Practice isn't for OVER an hour... please?!" And he said, "Sorry. I just have to do really good today." I frowned and said, "Alright... I will see you later. Just bring me my computer so I can watch Gossip Girl." He got me my computer and headed out the door. 15 minutes later I hear the door open and Adam says, "Hey, Sneak! I have something for you in the kitchen!" I walked out and he said, "It isn't a birthday redo without Kneaders french toast!" YUM! I was so happy. We ate. He left for practice. For reals this time.
  • I watched Gossip Girl for about two hours, got ready, and went to meet him at the field so we could walk over to the football game together.
  • Went to BYU homecoming game. Started out great. Ended not so great. Moving on.
  • Left the game and went home to relax.
  • Relaxed while Adam did his homework and I watched more Gossip Girl... I have a serious problem.
  • Got ready for the night.
  • Went to return birthday sneakers and replace with a birthday sweater.
  • Went to Chili's. 2 for $20. 
  • Adam took me home and said, "I will be back soon, you go relax."
  • I went into the house and watched Gossip Girl.... like I said, serious problem.
  • Adam texts me, "Can you put the tape in the kitchen and go back into the bedroom and shut the door? Thanks."
  • He comes home, peaks in the bedroom door to say I love you and to remind me to STAY PUT!
  • After about 30 minutes and a lot of noises in the kitchen Adam comes back to the room and says, "Close your eyes for a surprise!" And walks me to the living room and sits me on the couch. I hear a few matches and then he says, "Okay! Open!" 
  • I open my eyes to streamers, flowers, a cake with candles, and a birthday song. With cake and kisses to follow!
Best birthday redo in the land. Actually. My first birthday was really great, but if Adam felt bad at all about having me watch baseball all day and then having him disappear to priesthood at night, no need to worry anymore. I am lucky.

Brani Laine said...

Since you two are the SECOND cutest couple I know, I really wish you lived here in Florida or we lived there so we could double date! I bet you it'd be so fun. You guys are seriously so cute, though, and your lives...they are enviable. xox

Danielle said...

What a fun day! And he's right, it isn't a real birthday unless a Kneader's french toast is involved!

stephanie said...

too cute! :) and i have a serious problem when it comes to gossip girl too! its the best, end of story!

Ashlee Christopher said...

Awww happy birthday!!

bonbon said...


I think you and Adam are the cutest. Sounds like he totally adores you.

Also Greg totally does the same thing- going ridiculously early to things and it drives me CRAZY. Last night he had an audition in salt lake at 8:30 and he left our house at 6:15. Um... a little bit much, no?

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