Dear One Track Mind,


The other day I was in my Psychological Science class. We were learning how our minds often times go on cruise control. For example...have you ever driven somewhere that you've driven hundreds of times before? When you arrive, you don't remember a single thing about the drive, this is called reckless driving... just kidding, its 100% natural for a human being. My teacher then proceeded to play the following video to show how "dumb" we really are.

If you did see the gorilla the first time you watched it, CONGRATULATIONS! We need more people like you on the road. If you didn't see the gorilla, no need to worry- 85% of people don't see it. Imagine how many crazy funny things we miss in life. For all we know, something crazy could be happening right now but you aren't even aware of it. I am so glad I WAS paying attention when I saw a guy in the crosswalk on a sit-down lawnmower and when I saw a guy with a unicorn costume riding in the back of a car. My advice is that you try to pay 100% attention 100% of the time; life has got some special human beings waiting to do some super special things just to make your day special.

Last New Years, Deidre and I went to Disneyland with my brother and a friend. I had never been on Tower of Terror before so we went on it. Boy am I glad I didn't miss this face Deidre made! Thanks to cameras, we have the picture so we can remember it foooooorrrrreeeevvvveeeeerrrrr... did anyone catch the Sandlot reference?


Janette said...

I love that video! I saw it at University a few years ago and I definitely missed it..But I agree, I want to be more aware...I tend to zone out a lot.. And I definitely DO NOT want to miss a man in a unicorn costume.. EVER!


Kerri Rogers said...

adam is such a good sport to post on here! haha. so great!

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