Dear 7 Questions,


It is THAT time of the week again. You know. The seven questions time. So here is my photo. Of my friend Sarah and I. Breaking all the rules at the Crystal Cathedral in California. There are a lot of other REALLY good ones that I could show you. We spent probably an hour taking photos with statues and with pictures and making ourselves "living art", as we liked to call it... but this one is still one of my favorites from that trip. We titled it, "She Catches Where I Fall".... fitting, right?

1. Do you have any weird food combinations that you love?
Let's see... Grilled cheese and strawberry jam. French fries (chicken nuggets aren't bad either) and a frosty. Cottage cheese with sprouts and sunflower seeds. I am sure I could think of a few others.

2. Have you ever written a blog post, published it, then immediately deleted it?

3. What is a hair style you wish you could pull off, but would never be brave enough to try?
Well... until last week I would say bangs. But I did it. I cut bangs! Snip snip and away they go... 
So now I would have to say maybe dying it red. My friend Mallory died her hair red once and I loved it. And I want to do it but I think I would look like a nut job.

4. Would you rather have to always use the sun to tell the time or directions by the stars?
Time by sun for sure. I am really bad with directions. The stars would not help me. At least with the sun I could get a sundial watch or something and then pray for no overcast days!

5. What is a fall trend that you are excited to try?
Ohhh. Military. For sure. I have always been a fan of the military jackets. And now they are on the list for Fall 2012. And leather jackets. So classy.

6. Who is your style icon?
My style icon is actually one of my friends. And a pinterest celeb. And she would KILL me for putting her in the spotlight. Because she actually hates the attention. But Heidi Allen, come on downnnn!!! You are my style icon. I will post one photo from her engagements and then you can go find her on pinterest. Oh... and her husband and her are the perfect model couple. Don't mind that.

7. What's your favorite outdoor activity?
My favorite outdoor activity other than watching Adam play baseball and sometimes attempting to play myself would have to be.... Swimming. Or soccer. Yep. Nailed it.

More pictures today on the 7Qs than regular. Lucky you.

steph kelly said...

LOVE the bangs! very cute :)

Sarah said...

The bangs look great on you!!

Anonymous said...

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A Muse in Purple said...

It's a toss up of Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani. Love those two.

Chevron andLace said...

TOTALLY remember when you guys took that picture! I remember thinking, "Wow, they are really breaking the rules." Haha! Wish I hadn't been so cautious in high school!

Gentri said...

love your bangs. :)
and those food combinations... they are different! haha!

thettdiaries said...

I agree the bangs look great and we should start a support group for the directionally challenged LOL

Beckie said...

Bangs! I can't believe I didn't remember bangs! I haven't had them since I was a kid and am still so afraid to try them out--even through all that emo side-swept bangs craze. Great answer! Yours turned out pretty great though so maybe I'll get over it one day...

Elsha Bodily said...

You look awesome with the bangs!

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