Dear Temporary,


I will start with a photo... just to ease your mind... if you needed easing.

Remember how I keep saying "I promise I am not dead and I am back"? Well... I promise I am not dead! I am back! And once again... it will be temporary. That is what happens when you go to Idaho for a family get together of sorts one weekend, Canada for a best friend's wedding the next, and back to Idaho to crown the new MMV the following weekend. This week I am here for the long haul... but next week I am PEACING out for my wedding and I will fill this blog with guests posts! I have room for a few more, so let me know if you are interested. I feel like there are lot of things I was planning on telling you... but I seriously can't remember a single thing right now. So look forward to lots of posts (thats right... we are probably talking multiple per day) this week as I remember... timeline? And by timeline I mean the ones I know I will be writing, but I will probably fill in with extras and two a days as I upload my photos.

8/7 : Travel Expertise
8/8 : Idaho trip #1
8/9 : Canada Vacay
8/10 : Idaho trip #2 
8/11 : New apartment
8/12 : The great blog switch of 2012!

I bet you are wondering what I mean by great blog switch? Well... as I have previously mentioned I am getting married in just 10 short days! here are some interesting facts about the number 10:

10 is the atomic number for neon.
In blackjack, the Ten, Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10 points.
Ten-codes are commonly used on emergency service radio systems.
10 is the state number of Virginia.
There are ten official inkblots in the Rorschach inkblot test.
There are said to be Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (those other than Judah and Benjamin).

And because I am getting married my notes can no longer be from the desk of MISS EDMUNDS. Because I will be MRS. MILLER! So we are looking at a URL change and blog title change. Don't worry, I will make it painless. But... get excited! Because I sure am. And also. It is Movie Monday, so here you go.

I picked this one because I reminded this week that I want to be her. I want to be a rap superstar. What vids are you watching?

Stephanie said...

That girl is sick! I think I'll try to pursue rapping now.

A Muse in Purple said...

She's like Jessie J and Eminem!! Love it!! said...

I would love to guest post if you still have room :)

Janette said...

Okay.. I hope that you will still be posting regularly on IG cause I need a play by play of this wedding! I'm excited! Gosh! Where will it be exactly?? I'd tootally crash it if I had a private jet! lol And what's this I hear about guest posting?? I want to guest post! I love guest posting but no one ever asks me and I hate imposing myself on just say no, I'm cool with that too...


Janette, the Jongleur

Sierra said...

So freaking obsessed with that song!!!
I'm sending you an email RIGHT NOW with my guest post :)

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