Dear Oh, Just Living the Dream,


Let me introduce you to the beautiful Sierra Ainge. A good friend of mine that I met earlier this year and then we had one million random connections that brought us together multiple times throughout the year. I am so happy she was willing to guest blog while I am out on my wedding adventure! Here she is!

Hello Blogging World!

What's up my beautiful, people?! 

My name is Sierra and I blog over at Oh, Just Living the Dream . I am a turn-off-the-alarm-7-times person in the morning, a 4th Grade teacher by day, and an avid movie lover by night. I love to travel the world and teach! So far I have been to Kenya, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Fiji and Hawaii with many more travels on the way! I blog about the inner workings of life--love, heartbreak, God, teaching, family, traveling, and just life in general! 

So, I have this issue.
Well, it's not really an issue, but it's just...complicated.

You see, I was raised in Portland, Oregon. Well, a suburb right outside of Portland. So you could call me a "city girl."
I like city things--shopping, nice dinners in pretty clothes, shows under the city lights, etc. 
But here's the catch: I am a country girl at heart.

I love wide open spaces.
I love the sunsets that happen while out in the country. 

I love my cowboy boots and cowboy hats.

I love the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere.
I love riding in my car, with my windows down, in the outside country with my country music blasting.

I love trucks.
I love horses.

....And I am obsessed with rodeos. I have been to probably 4 rodeos this summer. There is something so nostalgic and fun at being at 
a rodeo!
And those cowboys in tight jeans don't kill me either. :) 

I think the conclusion we have come to is this:
if you ever need a rodeo buddy--I'm so there it's INSANE.

In the mean time, come check out my blog for some other amazing excursions and deep insights. :) 
There is never  a boring day. Ever. 


Stop by her blog. I know you will love her.


Janette said...

Okay.. so yes.. I've always wanted to go to a rodeo.. It looks like fun, but those are rare here in Orange County.. Or maybe I haven't looked for one hard enough? Great guest post btw! I'm up soon! Eek! *bites nails*


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