Dear A Muse in Purple.


Okay. Kelsey deserves a good intro. She was my VERY first blog friend. We messaged all the time back and forth about the most random things. And I would always talk to Adam about her and tell him about our conversations. He always assumed we were friends in Utah, just going out for lunch. He was so confused when I told him we were blog friends. She is seriously the best. And now after all this time she is here to blog for you! Here is Kelsey!


Hey, I'm Kelsey over at A Muse in Purple! 

This week I'm fessing up to a lil problem:


It's my arch enemy this week. I don't think it can be Deidre's this week as her BIG day is fast approaching.

You ever notice when things benefit you, procrastination never exists? I remember my wedding, I ran around like a crazy woman, so that every last detail was covered. The flowers, the candy table, the decorations, the bridesmaid jewelry. And yes, I'd say 50% of the people at my wedding probably noticed all my hard work, my husband on the other hand noticed 100% of me going crazy.

But to was all worth it, I had the most beautiful wedding! Le sigh...
Now on the flip side, when life doesn't benefit you and the mere thought of doing something just sours your mood...procrastination takes over.

Things I should be doing this week to be out of my house by Thursday include and are not limited to are the following:

Packing up my closet
Taking another trip to the storage unit
Trip to Goodwill
Call all of the utility companies & cancel our services
Pack the garage
Load the trailer with our quads
Clean the house (the entire house!!) sounds fun right? NOT!

Now...let's see what I've been doing instead of tackling that giant list:

I don't think I changed the channel in 17 DAYS folks...that's how much I love the Olympics and since I'm a huge swimming fan I really loved the first part of the Olympics when Ryan & Michael battled it out! 

Thanks to Alissa at a Graceless Lady, I spent ALL of Sunday, no joke watching Season 1 of this show...they start Season 6 this fall...which means I have 4 more seasons to catch up on between now and the time the internet gets turned off. 

A certain Wu plays, I thought I'd download I can't stop playing it..if I ever needed a reason to get on my iPad this would be it. So addictive. 

 Oh...this little beauty...this hasn't even started yet and I foresee this taking up a big chunk of my time this week because it's Shark Week and it's awesome.
Those are my excuses and I'm sticking to them.

Deidre, my lovely. Have a wonderful, beautiful day! You are going to make a gorgeous bride and I can't wait to see all the pictures!

Enjoy every minute of your wedding and take a minute before you walk down the isle and just breathe. Take it all in!

Many Blessings! 



Okay. There you have it. And she loves Shark Week, which makes her that much better!

Janette said...

Wow! Bejeweled 2 is great! I spend waaaaaaaay too much time on that!


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