Dear Just a Dash of Keena,


This is my little EFY baby Keena. Well. She isn't a baby anymore! When I was her counselor she was 14, crazy how time flies! I absolutely adored her and since she lives close to me in Utah, we still see each other when we can. She is a sweetheart. Here she is, for your reading pleasure while I am off being a bride... Keena!


Hello readers of Deidre's blog! I am Keena. You can find me HERE at 'just a dash of keena'  I am here to guest post today while my inspiration of an old EFY counselor is off to get married to her man, in Idaho!

A little about me and my blog, I am a 17 year old blogger with a love for all things fashion. I have a passion for exercising + running, sewing + crafting, and spending all the time in the world with my amazing family! 

I blog about my daily life with a little bit of craftiness, fashion, and random things I fancy. I personally take most of my photos posted, but my fabulous sister helps me out with the pictures of myself! I have blogged for just over 2 years, and it has now become quite the hobby!

 shirt: thrifted // pants: XX1 // boots: Delias // headband: Nordstrom // jewelry: Nordstrom + XX1

If you are asking yourself why I am wearing winter clothes, it's because these pictures were taken back in March, but I never got around to posting them on my own blog, so here they are making their appearance on Deidre's amazing blog!

So, stop by and say hello! And don't be shy... I don't bite :)


She's cute, right? Give her some blog love!


The Students Wife said...

Too cute! love the outfit

Janette said...

Oh I love your outfit! Love the blue on blue.. And your headband is just adorable!


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