Dear Ferns,


Adam has a brother named Aaron. But for nickname's sake, we call him Ferni. Or Ferns. I got a letter from him this morning. After telling me good luck and congratulations for marrying Adam and then all about the work he is doing as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints back east (he is in Virginia) he proceeded to tell me this...

P.S.  I killed a snake this week because it almost attacked me.  I think I am going to start my own Man vs. Wild but call it "The world vs. Ferni" hahahaha

And then he added this photo.

If any of you single ladies out there would like to write this strapping young man a letter, let me know! He loves getting mail. But then also... I think it is important to know that he has been training for this for awhile. Here is a very exclusive home video of him from... who knows how long ago, but it was before I knew Adam or his family. And I am so VERY lucky they shared it with me.

I have a few other good vids I could show you, but I think this one is a gem! What videos are you watching?

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