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I like to think of myself as a world traveler. Growing up I was lucky to come from a family that loved to go on trips and vacations to anywhere and everywhere. But traveling by yourself is a lot different than traveling with family. And learning how to pack and be efficient when flying is tricky. Over the last couple years I have learned a few tricks to make flying that much easier. And so today. I want to share my travel tips with you!

24 Hours Before Flight
Every airline has early check in available. USE that resource. If you have access to the internet you can check in early. I am a big fan of checking in right away and then printing by boarding pass from my home printer, sometimes if I know I will have time I will use the kiosk to print my boarding pass.

What to Wear When Flying
This is more girl specific than anything. But my advice? BE comfortable. Who knows what layovers you might have, what flights might get cancelled, or what other plans might get changed. And are you really going to be sitting there wishing you were in your skinny jeans and leopard pumps? Nope. You are going to be wishing for some sweats and flip flops.
This is my typical travel outfit.
  • Shoes | TOMS {Nordstrom}: Something easy to slip off; all airports require you to take off your shoes and put them through the machine with your carry ons
  • Pants | Target: I am a big spandex fan.... but that is just me
  • Shirt | Cotton On {similar}: I always wear something loose so I am not constantly tugging and pulling to make sure it looks good
  • Scarf: | Soel Boutique {similar} A lot of people don't like travel accesories but a big scarf is a triple threat for my travel plans, first, it looks good, second, it can be bunched to be a head rest, and third, it can be a little extra warmth when the plane temperature drops in the air.
  • Hair: Always throw a hairband on your wrist and wear your hair down until you get through security. If you wear it up your hair will be searched. And that is NOT a joke.
I am big on carrying everything on. I usually pack two bags. Sometimes I will have my camera bag for a third, but I just make sure it will fit with bag one under the seat in front of me. Always make sure ONE if a roller. Those bags can get heavy after a little. And if you can place a shoulder bag on top of the roller it makes walking around the airport easier.
  • Bag one: This bag goes below my seat with a water bottle, my computer, my phone, both chargers, a book, and anything else that might entertain me in between flights or while in the air. Usually it is just my Prima Miche bag packed full with the items listed previously and my regular purse items. Then once I get to wherever I am staying I empty out the extras to the table/dresser.
  • Bag two: This is my clothes, toiletries, shoes, and anything else I will need during the week. For a three day trip I will usually pack two pairs of shoes, two bottoms, one dress/skirt, 4 shirts, and 4 pairs  of underwear.Then my miniature hair dryer, one curling iron, travel size face wash, toothpaste lotion, deodorant, and hair spray, an Intuition razor (I use Intuition because the shaving lotion is attached to the razor, making one less thing to pack), and minimal makeup. 
    • Rolling clothes makes things a lot easier. I put bottoms in first, then shirts, underwear in the top zipper (or fit in around other things), and then I line the side with my shoes.
    • I always buy my travel size things from Target (Target has a ton of travel stuff in a dollar isle) and Sally's Beauty supply . Make sure you have one ziplock bag to put all the liquid travel items in and when packing place it on the TOP of everything else you packed so it is easy to pull out while going through security.
    • For bag two I always put all things clothes, shoes, and accessories on one half and everything makeup and toiletries on the other half.
Those are generally the two bags I pack. For bag two I use my polka dot Roxy bag because if I do end up needing to check it, it sticks out. I don't have to wonder, "Is that my black rolling suitcase?" So if you are buying new luggage look into something different or if you can tape something on the handle of your generic suitcase, that might help. Also, sometimes there is an option to put your luggage under the plane at the gate with a special (for Delta it is pink) tag. I suggest always doing that. It is one less thing to carry through the already cramped airplane and it will for sure be waiting for you at the gate when you get off the plane.

While Flying
Always say thank you to your stewardess and always be polite to the people around you on the plane. Dont constantly bump the chair in front of you and don't keep pushing back so you chair hits the person behind you. And enjoy your flight. I recommend the pretzels!

jes @ twosmuppies said...

i like to dress like i'm going to bed for the plane. i'm already not comfortable sitting next to someone who usually invades my personal space bubble. and i want to be able to cross my legs (or contort them in weird positions) without the world seeing my hoo-ha in a skirt/dress/shorts! sweat pants always wins.

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