Dear Softball,


Twenty Eight is a popular game played in Kerala India.
The number of dominoes in standard domino sets
The postal code of the province of Madrid, in Spain.
The curing time of concrete is classically considered 28 days.
There are 28 letters in the Danish and Swedish alphabets (not counting W), 
and also in the Arabic and Esperanto alphabets.

So moving on! The people in my complex and that I go to church with have a softball team. The other day they had their final game before playoffs so Adam and I decided to swing by and support. "Tell them about your softball game!" (Name that movie.) Well, too bad the game was cancelled? Why? Because someone got mad that Bret was playing... because he is on the baseball team. Fair and unfair. The refs were friends with the whiners. Whatever. Our team had to forfeit. So we made a friendly game of our own. And when I say we, I mean everyone that was already planning on playing and Adam. I took a seat with the women and took a few photos. 

 This one of Bret is good... but the next one is better. It looks like he is dancing, which is fitting.

 My favorite photo of Adam from the night.

The game was entertaining to watch and sitting and chatting with the girls was fantastic. And it is all fun and games until someone gets hit with a softball. Kidding, but not kidding. I really did get hit with the softball. I was right in the line from center to 1st, and the kid at first missed the ball. Obviously I wasn't paying attention, I was chatting dating thoughts and wedding plans with the other girls... the ball NAILED me right in the forearm. It hurt, but it didn't hurt. It was just a nice steady hurt. And I didn't want to show that it hurt because I knew the boy felt SO bad for hitting me. Gotta be tough. The worst part about getting hit in the forearm with a baseball? No bruise! Not enough meet to bruise up so I could prove that I was tough. Next time at least hit me where I can get a bruise.

Janette said...

Oh my gosh! I'm the same way.. Sometimes I get hurt really bad and I have nothing to show for it.. It makes me mad...One time I swore I was going to get a black eye from getting elbowed...but NOTHINGGGG!

Janette the Jongleur

PS. I LOOOOOOVED the 28 days countdown thing..You're sooo creative!!

Sierra said...

ummmm he's cute. And no, I'm not talking about Adam (although he's cute too, but you know, I'm not about hitting on your fiancé) so you should probably set me up.... just saying...

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