Dear Fashion Friday,


New (old) camera. Better pictures. Let's do it. As you can see.... I can't take too many serious photos. One serious, then I start dancing.


Shoes: Forever 21 // Shorts: Old Navy // Top: Forever 21 // Necklace: Forever 21


Shoes: Gap // Leggings: Target // Top : Target (clearance) // Jacket: Gap // Scarf: Soel


Shoes: Gap // Pants: Gap // Ruffle Top: Forever 21 // Sweater: Gap // Hat: Forever 21

So there you have it. Three outfits. Quick and easy.... Look forward to more clothes and more dance moves.

Jana Faith said...

All quite adorable. I tend to do the same thing with outfit posts. It's hard to be serious! Love your style!

Anonymous said...

Caute! :D And yes I agree that it's hard to be serious with outfits;)

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