Dear Misikko,


Oh Misikko... how you can draw me in with one giveaway. But not just ANY giveaway. A dream package giveaway? And I have been DREAMING! Cause when you dream it might come true. When you dream, dream big. (Ryan Shupe anyone?) Well. I put together a nice little package. And now I hope you can all dream with me and help me win. Let's have a look, shall we?

Model in a Bottle // Cost: 14.99

Why Model in a Bottle? Well because a nice girl at Miss Idaho sprayed some on my face at the beginning of competition so at the end of the night I looked like this.


Any by this I mean the exact same as when I started. No black eyes, lipstick still fierce, bronzer and blush in place. Even after 3 hours of stage lights, about 10 minutes of dancing, a very scary swimsuit portion (aka nervous sweats), and changing my wardrobe 5 different times.


I picked this product for reasons.
1. I trust the brand, hence the first product I picked.
2. Who doesn't want long lashes?
3. I am tired of looking like this after any night that I want long pretty lashes.

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My curls always turn to straights. Lets help these baby curls or lack thereof) out. 



Moroccan Oil Gift Set // Cost: 84.99

So these two items are meant to help protect your hair, make it shiny, and make it healthy. And healthy hair equals longer hair. And I would really like my hair to grow. So I am hoping with these two products my hair will be like Rapunzel. So silky and smooth. And not like this....

Don't mind the face and hands... they aren't always like that.

Heat Proof Mat & Pouch // Cost: 14.99

Simply because I prefer things to not catch on fire.

So the grand total of all the items I picked comes out to $348.94! Which fits perfectly in the $350 limit.  I have included a before and after of what these products could do for not only me, but for you. A true testimonial.


And you know what the best part is about this giveaway? You can enter it too! Just go to Misikko. Pick out your dream package. Blog about it. Post the link to your post on their FB page. Winning all around. And if you dont enter, actually even if you do, help a sister out. Make my post seem better than it really is by sharing the love.

Cassidy said...

That before and after photo is actually hilarious. Those products look awesome, I hope you win!

Gentri said...

You crack me up! Oh my goodness. hahaha!

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