Dear Like-ers,


You like me! You REALLY LIKE me!!! Either that or you just like to like attack me. Which is also okay. Over the last month I have received more notifications than I ever have in my whole life combined. A lot of likes on a relationship status change, on the picture of the ring, on my Miss Idaho updates... and then a few like attacks from those all around me. Thanks for that too.

Flattery at the finest from Suzanne, Conner, Hilary, and Adam (in the form of brother Mike). It sure makes you feel really good when you open an application and have lots of likes. Much better than opening Facebook after a long day and seeing no red notifications, because let's be honest... that is the pits!

Now if I could only figure out how to translate those likes to more blog followers, a married apartment, and maybe shedding a few pounds. Motivation to get me where I want to be? I will take it. 

Jana Faith said...

Holy moly, lady! That's quite the impressive amount of likes on facebook no matter who is responsible for them! Sheesh! I completely understand coming home after a long day and having no notifications on facebook and indeed, it is "the pits". Good luck in creatively turning it into more blog followers & an apartment! ;o)

Janette said...

Welps. There's a sight I'll never see: 200+ notifications... lol I think my max was 7. ANd that's cause it was my bday.. lol Oh well.. Glad someones getting liked around here! :-) I'm not jealous... Honest!

Janette, the Jongleur

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