Dear Outfitters,


Better late(r than last week) than never, right? This weekend was consumed with a trip to Idaho, watching baseball, a best friend's wedding, practicing my walking (I should know how to walk, right?) and my talent, and finishing my Miss Idaho paperwork! So that means... no blogging. And so now I will catch you up on what I wore last week. 

Skirt: Downeast Basics (clearance rack find) - Top: Gap (sale!) - Cardigan: Target - Shoes: Dillards
Pants: Gap (sale!) - Top: Nordstrom Rack - Gingham Shirt: Forever 21 - Shoes: Dillards
Skirt: Gap (sale!) - Top: Aero - Blazer: Deseret Industries - Sandals: Gap (sale!)
Pants: Gap - Undertop: Downeast Basics - Sweater: Forever 21 -  Flats: Target
Skirt: Downeast Basics - Cardigan: Gap (sale!) - Top: Victoria's Secret - Undershirt: Downeast Basics - Shoes: none ... yet

Okay! So there you have it. As you can see... I am a Gap Sale shopper. On another note... MY PAPERWORK FOR MISS IDAHO IS DONE! Finished. I am so excited to send this baby in the mail today. All my ad money, platform statement, contestant resume, talent music... you name it, it is in there! Miss Idaho is in a little over a month. Who is pumped? I am pumped. That's right! More to come on Miss Idaho prep soon!


Janette said...

Is that the paperwork on the floor? Haha! What is all that? Love your outfits bee tee double u! I think I'm going to pick Monday as my fave!!

Janette, the Jongleur

Jenny said...

I love Tuesdays outfit...well I love them all, but especially Tuesday!
Modern Modest Beauty

Annie said...

Love your outfits - the maxi skirts look SO cute & comfy :)

The Other Side of Gray

Misseblog said...

Love your outfit, esp the maxi skirt. It looks amazing xx

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