Dear *NSYNC,


Today I comemerate you. Not only because you are still my favorite boy band of all time, but it is the THIRTEENTH anniversary of my first concert. To see *NSYNC on tour for their first CD. And what a great CD it was...

Tearin' Up My Heart
I Just Wanna Be With You
Here We Go
For The Girl Who Has Everything
God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
You Got It
I Need Love
I Want You Back
Everything I Own
I Drive Myself Crazy
Crazy For You

With my best friend Sarah. And our best friend mothers. I can still remember leaving school early in my black leggings and oversized N*Sync shirt, matching with Sarah of course. Driving to Boise, Idaho for a little T.G.I.F. and then straight to the concert. Standing on the bleachers, even though it was not allowed, because we were in the very back row with binoculars. Loving every single moment. And then trying to leave only to be stopped on the main concourse by the flames that lit up the stage for the encore! WHAT A NIGHT?!

So here is to you *NSYNC... Chris with that soulful voice, Lance with those beautiful eyes, Joey with that manly facial hair, Justin with those blond curls that melt a woman's heart, and JC, you gorgeous man. May that night live forever! I love you now and I love you forever.

Sue said...

I still have Tearin' Up My Heart on my shuffle playlist!

Jes said...

sometimes when i'm feeling really productive at work, i listen to the spice girls pandora station (i know, so awesome, right?) and theres always a little bsb and nysnc that pops in and it just MAKES. MY. DAY.

GingerPeachT said...

This was amazing!! When I was in elementary school me and my girlfriends made a group called nsyncettes haha we would practice these songs and make up dances. I wasn't allowed to buy the CDs hah but I still listened to them all the time

Laura Elizabeth said...

Oh yes!! Boybands forever!!!! Although I was more a BSB fan (can we still be friends!?!?!), I now have a very special place in my heart for NSync. My friend and I were just discussing boybands the other day, specificall One Direction and how unbelievably young they are. Looking at the video you posted, I can't believe how young NSync are. I can't believe they were ever that young!!

I'm going to see the NKOTB and BSB tour when it hits Australia next month. I'm a teensy, teensy bit excited!!

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