Dear Jokes Needed,


I am turning into a double blogger.... Define double blogger you say? Alright, I will, you don't have to bend my arm. A double blogger is a person who blogs twice in one day just because she can. Sometimes there is a valid reason for two blog posts and sometimes it is just because thoughts need to be let out. And usually a double blogger doesn't put much thought into one of the posts. It is more to just let off steam and let it all out for the world. And this is my blog so I decide to double blog today. And yesterday. But today for sure.

You know those days where you are just sick? Or maybe just tired? Or you have a headache? Or something is going wrong but it is just life saying, "this is going to go wrong and you can't fix it, so go about your business people"? Or __________________________ (fill in the blank with other emotions that require a good belly laugh and a Route 44 from Sonic)? Well. It is one of those days. I am sleep, and I have a headache, and life likes to throw curve balls... and hey, I haven't been at bat since t-ball!

So besides one of these...

I am going to need all the good jokes you got. JOKES NEEDED! All the jokes in the world. Give me the simple, the thinkers, the cheesy, the not so funny but if someone with a funny laugh laughs I will think it is funny, the quick, the long, the short, the child jokes... Jokes, jokes, jokes. Why so serious!? Not only will they help get the chuckles out but they will also be going into my next craft project. Come on people. Give me the giggles!


P.S. Did I mention I want you to share your jokes. ALL of them. Please and thank you.

Laura Elizabeth said...

What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you? Nacho cheese (Not your cheese)

I used to make fun of my friend for that joke because it was the only joke she could ever remember... and now it's the only joke I can remember, haha!

Hope your day gets better!!!!!!!

Maggie B. said...

do knock-knock jokes count?

if so:
knock knock
who's there?
little old lady
little old lady who?
well shooooot... I didn't know you could yodel...

ha ha ha ha ha! =)

Sheridan in the City said...

Here is a corny Bible joke for you.

Q: What was Boaz before he met Ruth?

A: Ruthless.

I can't get enough of Sonic's cherry limeades. I am embarrassed to admit that I once drove out of state to grab a meal at Sonic. But, they gave me a free t-shirt for my efforts.

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