Dear Mustache March,


First of all, did you know there are rules for Mustache March? And do you know what started this whole trend? The idea stems from an early Air Force tradition in which members of the U.S. Air Force would grow mustaches in goodhearted protest against facial hair regulations during the month of March.

Well there you have it people. Mustache March brought us many giggles, some well groomed staches, and some questionable hairy upper lips this season. And now, I bid thee farewell... I know all the men are sad to see you go and all the women are packing your bags and pushing you out the front door. Either way, it was nice to have you around for a month.  Good bye to all those baby mustaches until next year (or in some cases until November when men find another reason to grow a caterpillar)... Thank you for the fun, and I will see you soon! For your viewing pleasure, here are a few gems from this year's festivities.


Oh... and don't forget about the men from my work that made a calender featuring all the lovelies with facial hair. The bearded men of ONO. Here are two of my favorite pictures from the bunch. Want a calender? They are only $15. Let me know, and we can make it happen.

Now go shave those things off. You are scaring the children.

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