Dear Deejmbl,


It is time I do a little explaining. This year, more than any other year, I have gotten questions about my {OLD} blog name... maybe because it is also my Twitter handle and my licence plate. The most common question..

"What is deejmbl (de-jum-bull)?"

Well people. It all came from my 16th birthday. My parents and I were down at Gerties one evening and noticed the cutest little VW bug across the street. I had been driving for about a year at this point, but we had sold and rotated cars so much that my parents were starting to think of what I could drive next... and that lime green buggie was the answer! After dinner we stopped at the car dealership (it was owned by our friends) and took a look at the car. My Dad's first response was, "This car just says Deidre when I look at it..." So there you have it, my first car, cute as can be, a lime green, smells like crayons on the inside, VW bug.

When we went to get a licence plate we decided something fitting for the car would be "The Deejmobile". My nickname all growing up was Deej, and this is my mobile, think Batman but girly. Cute, right? Let's shorten it up... "DEEJMBL"... isn't it just unfortunate that the "J" looks like it goes with the "MBL" rather than the "DEE"? You're right, it is. Well that car has come and gone but the licence plate has stuck around because why would I pay money for a new one? In high school everyone knew I was Deej and understood, but coming to college my licence plate brought on a whole new identity for me, plus a slew of nicknames. So it stuck. I now not only answer to Deidre, Deej, D, D Piece, D Money, Dre, Smeedre, Smeej, Hammer (Am I missing any?)... I also answer to Deejmobile and Deejumble. Does the {OLD} blog URL seem charming now?

Elsha Bodily said...

Cute!! My family calls me Lilly which has nothing to do with my name, something I did or anything realistic...but they do.

Vanity plates always crack me up when it's some sort of inside joke and normal people don't understand. I love the nicknames

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