Dear Date-Filled Weekend,


This post is long overdue... Like... so long overdue another weekend happened in between. I was waiting to post it until Adam went on his road trip (he was gone an ENTIRE week... lame) but then I ended up going home for 4 days and blogging fell in my forgetful pile. Either way, he is home now, and I can blog about how much fun we had two weekends ago before I blog about the dates he planned for this weekend! He claims they will be JUST as good. But we will see.

So Adam doesn't like sushi. Being from California, I feel like he should like it... but he swore he didn't. "I just don't like when the seaweed stuff is there..." He doesn't like the seaweed on the outside, because he didn't realize if the rice is on the outside the seaweed is inside. But I LOVE sushi. It is so yummy. So I made him a bet that if he came to sushi with me I would order rolls he liked and then we could both enjoy sushi from here on out. But I told him if he didn't like it we could leave and go eat somewhere else. Luckily he liked it, and I could enjoy one of my favorite things and so could he!

I got the privilege of teaching Adam how to use chopsticks.

The next night was "surprise date night" because Adam lost a bet... (the bet was he would strike out 10+ people, and I really hoped he would win the bet... next time maybe?) So Adam had to plan a surprise date. And it was fan-tas-tic. Really simple, but things we love. First we drove to Salt Lake to go to Chick-Fil-A. Which might sound lame, but we both love that place and the one in Sugar House is special to us because we went there after a monumental trip to California. Then we went for treats at Big H, a family favorite, so he could try their root beer. As soon as we left Big H he made me close my eyes while he drove me to "our final destination" to meet up with "someone I really love".... what the heck? I honestly sat in the front seat for 20 minutes while he drove around trying to confuse me. And confuse me he did. Finally he walked me out of the car, into a room and said, "Okay... open!" and we were at my brother Sean's house! I really love my family, and Adam knows that. So it was a great night talking to Sean and Jo, eating popcorn, spilling water (oops...), testing out the new basement set-up, and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Eating popcorn at Sean and Jo's.

Working on his break dancing skills... 
or trying to get something from behind the couch... same same.

It was a great weekend. And I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve for this Friday and Saturday. I am so happy he is here for a weekend and I finally get to watch him pitch!


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