Dear Miss America,


What a fantastic week it was to be in Las Vegas watching the Miss America pageant! After three nights of preliminaries and the final show Miss Wisconsin was crowned Miss America 2012! And I loved her. Honestly thought she was fantastic. Every night I would text Kyra and Meg to tell them when I thought and each night I said "Miss Wisconsin was good at ________" fill in the blank with whatever prelim she was competing in that night.

Our Miss Idaho, Genevieve Nutting was WONDERFUL. She was beautiful. She was fantastic. She impressed me so much. I was so proud of Gen. She is truly an incredible woman and she lit up the stage with every time she entered. Her talent was precise and beautiful, she looked elegant as ever in her gown, she had a rocking bod during swimsuit, and her on stage question was answered with a perfect exactness. I look up to Genevieve and hope I can follow in her footsteps.

Being at the pageant was an experience. Sometimes I was so overwhelmed with everything and competing at Miss Idaho in June and sometimes I got so pumped for the pageant. All I know is at this very moment I am more excited than ever to be competing for the title of Miss Idaho 2012.

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