Dear Walkers,


A long time ago I wrote some campus rules for college... since graduating I have realized that rule #4 extends far beyond a campus. It extends to any sidewalk or aisle in the whole world. Especially if it is holiday shopping or a regular day at Costco... let's revisit that rule (anything campus has been removed because as I said.. it applies to everything), shall we?

Rule #4 - Walking, merging, and stopping. Let us talk about sidewalk etiquette. I am just going to go through a few key rules within this rule"
1. If you are going to chat with a friend, do not stop in the middle of a hall or sidewalk, kindly move to the side.
2. If you are going to merge in front of someone, do not slow down, stay at the same pace because it will cause a collision otherwise.
3. If you want to text, please do not text and walk at the same time unless you can clearly see you will not hit a single person.
4. Stay with the flow of traffic, do not walk extremely slow.
5. Do not cut someone off and then stop walking to talk.
6. When you are walking straight at somebody and one of you needs to move just pick a side and commit, you'll run into somebody half the time but they'll be the one feeling guilty for not picking the right way to go.

In addition....

7. Do not walk at a diagonal, and if you choose to please watch for oncoming traffic.


Anonymous said...

So, I have a new idea about people walking directly at you. It's been happening to me like daily lately so I've just been stopping and smiling and they walk around. Your thoughts? Am I nuts?

Looks like you had so much fun in California!

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