Dear Interweb,


Watch out! Deidre Edmunds is in the building. I have a blog, I have a Pinterest, I have Facebook, I have LinkedIn, I have Instagram, I have Google+, and I just joined THE TWITTER. I truly have arrived.

My Blog - Letters of my Life (You are currently looking at my blog, in case you aren't aware):
This is the place you can actually find out the most accurate everything about me. I usually post the most honest things here.

This is where you can find all the things that I think are funny, want in a house, want to look like, want to eat, and want for Christmas (in case you need to buy me something...)

Follow Me on Pinterest

This is where you can find my photos. And my funny jokes. All in a quick summary of a timeline, that is right, I use Facebook timeline. It is more like a brief summary that is less detailed of my blog.

Resume. That is all I know how to do on there.

Nothing. Lets be honest, I don't know how to use it.

Should be cool once I actually understand it as well.

The Twitter:
You can find lots of tweets. And you can follow me because I currently look like a loser, not okay.

Follow deejmbl on Twitter

So as I said. I HAVE ARRIVED! Watch out world. The deejmbl is in the house.

Keena Horton said...

i LOVE instagram :)and i love you...

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