Dear Birthday,


Needless to say 23 has been good to me so far. I just quickly wanted to recap my day of birth for anyone who cares, since I said I would.

Woke up ( I know everyone starts their day with waking up, but I still feel like it is important to include that in my day so no one thinks I slept in...)
Got ready
Went to work
Was surprised (but not surprised since it happens to everyone at One on One) with balloons and a cute card and gift card to cold stone

Was actually surprised with some flowers from my parents

Worked some
Ate lunch
Left work after lunch because I get a half day off on my birthday, thank you ONO
Went home
Chatted with my roommate
Went and got a pedicure at New Nails (the flower looks bomb)
Went home
Took a nap
Woke up
Got some pretty flowers from a nice boy
Went to dinner with some besties (thanks for paying again McKay)
Was given more flowers from Cassidy and James
Got a fun gift that lasts all month from Michelle
Went home
Had a cute visitor that brought me a cake (he might have been slightly embarrassed since there was already a cake sitting on my counter, but he wrote my name out in skittles on top.. cute)

Friends came over for cake
Got a baseball signed by the entire BYU Baseball team (from the same adorable boy that got me flowers, what a winner)
Chatted the night away
Went to bed

BEST day.


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