Dear Base Jumper,


I was excited to go participate at the Perrine Bridge Festival as Miss Magic Valley. The opportunity to meet new friends, watch the base jumpers, sign a few autographs, and drive the train sounded like a great appearance to begin with.

But I will admit that the festival would not have been complete without you. From the moment I got there and the first comment from you was "Miss Magic Valley, huh? So that means there isn't a Mister? Well... there is room for two in this suit!" I knew it would be quite the day. Ending with you asking for my autograph with all the little girls, inviting me to a "fancy" dinner at Elevate, telling me I "had you at hello" and that you had "never met a real woman". Thank you for making my appearance a little more exciting than it would have been. Here is to hoping I see you next year Hansel.


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